Every month McKay Drilling recognise the efforts and high performance of employees who have been nominated for the Performance Recognition Awards.  Employees names are put forward by their leaders or peers for work they have done, or for their regular and tireless contribution to the success of the company.

This month we had some fantastic nominations and one that stood out is that of the crew working on Rig 11.

Rig 11’s crew were the first on the scene of a public vehicle roll over and promptly assisted with and administered first aid while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.  The actions of all of the guys on this crew ensured that the scene was well managed before emergency services arrived and the feedback we have received has been recognised by McKay Drilling and our Client.

This kind of prompt and efficient response to an emergency situation highlights the relevance and importance of the health and safety training that is a requirement of working in the Drilling Services Industry.  Well done guys, and thank you to all winners this month for exhibiting such a professional performance.


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